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Grammar for Teachers of English


The course offered by CELT Athens aims to help groups or individuals who wish to take up teaching as a career and need to improve their knowledge of the grammar of the English language.

The course is particularly suited to those who are planning to follow CELTA or DELTA courses and may have a high level of proficiency in English but limited knowledge and awareness of grammar rules, how to access useful grammar resources and how

Our next course offering is for Module 1 (pls see below)

05-12 to 12-01-12 

Course Content & Delivery

The course is held in English except for the Education Studies component which is delivered in Greek.

This year we will be offering a face-to-face as well as an online course option. When applying, please state which option you would like to follow.

Module I - Methodology (in English) - 50 hours

  • Models and Approaches of Teaching English as a Foreign Language

  • Teaching Structures & Functions

  • Teaching Vocabulary

  • Developing the Language Skills (Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing & their Integrations)

  • Principles of Lesson Planning

  • Lesson Planning Workshops

  • Techniques for presenting and consolidating linguistic and non-linguistic elements   (e.g. teaching culture) through authentic documents

  • Exploitation of authentic documents

  • Evaluation of Lesson Plans


NOTE - For better preparation, it is recommended that you follow our  Certificate in TEFL Course which includes a fuller treatment of all course topics above as well as four teaching practices or the Cambridge CELTA Certificate Course which includes eight teaching practices (Teaching Practices involve writing lesson plans as well)

Module II - Language Awareness (in English) - 30 hours

  • Reading Strategies - text attack skills

  • Dealing with Advanced Texts - Vocabulary Guessing Strategies

  • Vocabulary acquisition and test taking strategies

  • Writing workshops - responding to text in writing

  • Text and Discourse Analysis

This part of the course covers the "γνωστικό" section.


NOTE - This module covers examination-taking strategies for the subject knowledge sectionPlease bear in mind that the module DOES NOT and CANNOT improve your level of English if it is below the standard of the examinations.  If interested in this, please think of attending our English for Teachers Course which covers all the topics above and does include language improvement work as well. This course is delivered online


Module III - Education Studies (in Greek) - 20 hours

    • General Education Studies

    • Psychology of Learning and Language Learning

    • Learning Theories & Learner Characteristics

    • Teaching Multicultural classrooms

    • Classroom Discipline & Mixed Level Teaching

This module will be taught in Greek and can be attended by teachers of languages other than English.

Tuition in Euros

Tuition includes all seminar materials, assessment, certification as well as six months' free library membership and use of the Self-Access Centre. Please check the right-hand column of this page for more benefits and services offered.

Tuition for for the full course is 1100 Euros

Candidates can also register for one the separate modules, tuition as follows:

Module I       600 Euros
Module II      350 Euros
Module III     300 Euros


A Certificate of Attendance will be awarded to participants for each component



CELT Athens trainee teachers are supported in more than one ways both prior as well as while and after completing a course at CELT. Here are some of the ways:


Sample lesson plans 
-  Example answers
- Useful articles
- Whole methodology book downloads

ASEP candidates have free access to the best  TEFL and Linguistics/ Applied Linguistics Library with additional Greek education texts

ASEP candidates receive specially designed preparation study packages both BEFORE the course starts as well as SELF ACCESS material for use  DURING and AFTER the course.
Material is given both in print and CD-Rom format

N.B. CELT Athens has the largest and best designed SELF ACCESS centre for teacher training with material collected and designed by experienced tutors on TEFL and Cambridge teacher training courses since 1989.



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This course does NOT include Teaching Practice. If interested in improving your classroom performance skills, you should look into the Certificate in TEFL course or, the Cambridge CELTA course and, in addition attend any of the two Modules (II or III) of the ASEP preparation course which you feel you may need.




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