INTERNATIONAL PUBLISHERS' EXHIBITION AT DIVANI CARAVEL APRIL 1 & 2. . Do not miss this event where you can find out about new publications, ask for specimen copies, meet people and network and, of course, listen to some talks. Marisa Constantinides is giving a talk on Saturday 10 a.m. on Teaching Mixed Ability Classes Without Tears. Come ye, come all!
TESOL GREECE CONFERENCE TO BE HELD ON MARCH 18-19. Please visit the TESOL Greece website to check out the programme of talks. Current CELT Athens trainees are entitled to a  50% of the annual membership fee (30 EUR instead of 60) upon display of a current student card.
November 2005 - Marisa Constantinides presented a paper on Creating Creative Teachers at the 3rd  Annual Conference of QLS School Members, sponsored by Burlington Press, which was held in Kammena Vourla and attended my all QLS centres and their teachers from Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and Poland. 
3 & 4 September 2005   Marisa Constantinides gave a talk on choosing coursebooks. The title was CHANGING YOUR COURSEBOOK GATHERING INTELLIGENCE, MAKING A CHOICE. Those of you who were there but could not get a copy of the evaluation checklist which was given as a handout, click here to download it into your PC.
4 September 2005 If you live in Northern Greece, don't miss the 1st Annual "ANTI-CONFERENCE" on "Teaching English for NO Specific Purposes". Click on the link to see featured speakers and talks.
August 2005 The results of the ASEP examinations for Eglish Language Teachers have now come out and CELT Athens trainees had an outstanding success rate. 68% of our trainees WERE APPOINTED! Congratulations to those who made it first time around! We were especially pleased and proud to read the grades ALL CELT candidates received in the METHODOLOGY Section (85% received grades ABOVE pass and most ABOVE 80%).
August 2005  CELT Athens will be closed from August 5th to the 28th. We reopen on Monday the 29th of August. All trainees wishing to collect Certificates and marked work or to submit their Projects for the summer courses, please come in during that week. If you need to contact CELT for information, please use our regular email ([email protected] ) and we will be in touch from wherever we are!!!!
July 2005  Just finished our July course and closing down the centre for about three weeks. If you need to get in touch, please do so via email - this is the best way to apply, to send in messages, to have assignments marked, etc..... CELT will be open again on August 29 and we hope to see you all at the INTERNATIONAL PUBLISHERS' EXHIBITION at the Divani Caravel Hotel on the weekend of September 3 and 4. Marisa Constantinides will be presenting a talk on the topic of Coursebook selection on SUNDAY September 4 at 18:00.... the very last talk!!!!!!!!!!! Be there if you are worried about choosing coursebooks.
June 2005  Both CTEFL courses are over and what fun they were! Not just that though - all the ladies worked extra double hard to get their results. See some of them dressed up during a rather riotous Teaching Practice which was enjoyed by all, teachers and students alike! Registrations have started for the summer intensive courses - especially for our summer Certificate in TEFL course option, always a very popular course both for Greek as well as native speaker trainees from UK, the US and other English speaking countries.
April 2005  For those who attended Marisa Constantinides' talk on TECHNOLOGY - WITH OR WITHOUT? and have not yet received a copy of their handouts, please click here to download. For certificates of attendance, please visit the centre or send us a self-addressed envelope with postage prepaid.
April 2005  More good results for our Diploma in Translation candidates who took the Institute of Linguists Examinations in January 2005. Congratulations to English to Greek candidates Maria Akritidou (with Merit in Paper 1), Joanna Ladovrechi (Merit in Paper 1) and Michalis Bertsas. Congratulations also to Maria Nicholas, Greek to English candidate from New York who managed to get Merit in ALL THREE papers!!!!!
April 2005  Well he won didn't he? This one's about Andrew James Constantinides winning third prize in Fame Story III. If you wish to find out more about him, go to his own website where you can download some more of his recordings at
March 2005  Results for the DELTA Candidates who sat for their examinations in December 2004 are also out! Congratulations to Nancy Stenson (with Distinction in the Coursework), Stavroula Haritou, and Chryssanthe Dimitraki.
February 3 2005 New courses beginning almost immediately! A new DELTA course to begin on the 5th. Trainees on this course will be sitting the December 2005 examination session and meet once a week - every Friday. Next week two CTEFL courses to begin on the 8th (weekday - twice a week) and the 12th (Saturday option - once a week). If interested in any of these courses or options, you have to move now!
January 23 2005 By demand of many trainees who heard Andrew's CD recordings from the time he was taking classes at Fame Studio, here is one song,  I'm Walking Away  (my favourite) in zip format. Click on title to download and play. Many of them have tried to sweeten me up in order to meet him and this has given me extra leverage to get assignments in on time, extra quality in teaching, etc. etc........ 
October 31 2004 Marisa Constantinides presenting a paper on Creativitiy in the Service of Quality Teaching and Learning at the 3rd Annual Conference of QLS School Members sponsored by Burlington Press. The conference was held in Kammena Vourla with school representatives from schools al over Greece and Europe.
October 30 2004 Marisa Constantinides presenting a paper on the Educational Value of Games for Young Learners at one of the TESOL Greece SIG events. The venue was held at IST College. More through TESOL Greece
October 11 2004  Many of my trainees have at times heard about Andrew's L1 acquisition processes, since he was the only English speaking child in the family whom I could observe and record. Some have also seen his first attempts at writing in English and noted his language errors - the aim being to make them feel more sympathetic towards their foreign language pupils of the same age and their mistakes. Now, some of them who watch Fame Story III may have made the connection. Yes, Andreas Konstantinidis is the same boy! Which has made his aunt break the rule of ELT news only in this column - well, what can I say? If you would like to find out more, check out the Fame Story website. If your pupils like him, here is a chance to get them to write their first real emails in English, all from the same front page when you click on his photo!
September 2004 - CELT Athens participated in the two major Athens exhibitions, the Kosmos Floras Exhibition at the Holiday Inn Hotel and the International Publishers' Exhibition at the Divani Caravel Hotel. The talk presented at the second exhibition, on issues relating to Discipline attracted more than 350  delegates showing how much interest there is in this area for foreign language teachers. 
July 2004 - This month, the following courses have already either been completed (Teaching and Learning Grammar, Computer Assisted Language Learning, ASEP Exams Preparation) and two more are under way (Certificate Course in TEFL and a second ASEP Exam Preparation Course section). 
June 27 2004 - Marisa Constantinides was invited to present a talk on Student Bonding at the first joint event of EUROPALSO & the British Council held at the Divani Apollo Palace Hotel in Kavouri. The conference was attended by more thatn 250 delegates and marks a new collaboration of Europalso and the British Council.
June 2004 - This month three short courses were offered at CELT Athens: a Directors of Studies Certificate Course, a Teaching English to Adults Course and Teaching English to Young Learners.
March 2004 - Marisa Constantinides was the featured speaker at the Annual Conference of PALSO Fthiotidos. The theme was PROBLEMS IN THE CLASSROOM and two talks were presented. The first one had the title The Many Facets of Discipline and the second one, Teaching the Mixed Ability Class. The links above lead to the session notes which many participants have asked for.
January 2004 - CELT Athens was  approved as an Examination Centre for the Institute Linguists Diploma in Translation Examinations and held its first examinations with candidates taking the English to Greek option.
December 2003 - CELT Athens participated in a series of seminars organised for teachers and directors of studies of PALSO Athens foreign language centres. The focus of the seminars was an Introduction to Computer Assisted Foreign Language Learning and it was an OAED funded programme for more than 200 participants.
December 2003 - Marisa Constantinides gave a talk to the parents and students of Dimitra Verouti's lovely foreign language centre in Fyli at the local Town Hall. Parents and students came to be informed about the differences of the different Language Examinations and to discuss how to make a choice which examination to take.
November - December 2003 - Rainbow Theatre is playing a musical  version of THE LORD OF THE FLIES - our own drama tutor, Makki Marseilles is the playwright and director and two of our June 2003 Certificate in TEFL trainees are playing as well! Daniel Humble is playing Ralph, and Carolyn Parkin is playing one of the twins, which one we are not quite sure!  Click here to find out more about the play. 
November 2003 - Marisa Constantinides presented a paper on Quality Assurance for Foreign Language Centres and a Workshop on Introducing Innovation in a Traditional Foreign Language Centre at the 2nd Annual Conference of QLS School Members which was sponsored by Burlington Press.
November 2003 - CELT Athens ran a short 20-hour course on Teaching English to Young Learners; on the 16th of November, Marisa Constantinides, director of the centre, gave a keynote speech at the 2nd Annual Conference of QLS (Quality Language Services) with representatives from all parts of Greece and abroad. The Conference was organised by Burlington Books  
October 2003 saw the start of a number of courses at CELT Athens: a weekday  Certificate in TEFL course as well as a Saturday course, a new weekday DELTA diploma course and a Language Awareness course for teachers of English
July 2003 - The results for the English teachers for the ASEP Examination have come out. Out of the 21 English teachers who attended the preparation course offered by CELT in November 2002, 18 managed to attain results above pass rate - and most of them have been appointed. Click here for their names and grades.
April 2003 - Click on the free materials in the left menu to check out our samples. This is a new page which is being tested out. If you have material (worksheets, lesson plans, even projects) which you have tried and tested in the classroom, send them in for review.
March 2003- CELT organised a 20-hour course in Teaching Examination Preparation Classes to schools owners and their teachers - members of the Corfu PALSO Association. The course was taught over two intensive weekends at the premises of a lovely local demotic school.
January 2003 - a new DELTA weekend course just started meeting about every three weekends. Students come from as far and wide as Paros, Patras, Agrinion, Korinth and Lycabettus! They are keen to learn and fun to teach.