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This course has been designed for practicing language teachers and trainers who want to build on their IT* skills to enhance their teaching and understand how to use technology in a pedagogically effective way.

Taking this course should help you to develop your confidence and technical ability when employing technology, but also give you a much better understanding of the potential of technology to support your own personal and professional development as well as that of your students.

*IT=Information Technology

Course content

During the course we will be exploring a number of areas together including:

  • Socialisation online

  • Digital skills and literacies

  • Creating a virtual learning space

  • Exploiting web based video

  • Creating digital assignments

  • Exploiting images and info graphics 

  • Creating your digital library

  • Developing speaking and listening online

  • Delivering synchronous online learning 

  • Developing your ICT trainer skills

Course structure and approach

The course will be structured over a ten week period and the core input will be delivered through an online learning environment, though many of the tasks will also use the tools and techniques about which you will be learning.

You will be set regular tasks which will deal with a new theme each week and you will be able to complete these tasks in your own time.

We take a very hands on approach to training - your hands not ours - and you will have the opportunity to learn how to use new technologies, with the support of step by step video tutorials, suggestions for how to use these technologies with your students and the opportunity to reflect on and share your learning within a supportive peer group managed by an experienced tutor.

There will be no long theoretical set texts to read, most of the input will be practical and come from short video clips or as a response to your experiences as you learn, though there will be links to recommended reading for those of you who want to follow up on areas that interest them.

There will be no long essay assignments or strict deadlines. Your participation in the course will be flexible and you can complete the tasks at your own speed and participate at a level that you feel comfortable with.

For those who learn more slowly or prefer to take more time we will leave the course open for a further month after the tutored part of the course has finished so you will have the opportunity to come back and review tasks that you feel you can improve or learn more from.

When the course finishes you will remain part of a growing alumni and still have the opportunity to interact and continue to share and discover new ideas with your peers.

While working on the course your tutors will be available to support and guide you so that you achieve the goals that you want to achieve and reach an understanding of how to apply technology to your teaching in a way that fits your context and your teaching style.

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Basic requirements

In order to participate on the course and get the best from it you will need:

  • Basic keyboard and mouse skills 

  • Basic web browsing and search skills

  • Elementary word processing and file organisational skills


The course does not require any specialised technological equipment. All you will need is:

  • A reasonably up to date computer 

  • A good broadband internet connection

  • A web browser. We recommend Firefox -not Internet Explorer 

  • Microphone and speakers - an Audio headset

  • A webcam would be an advantage though not vital


photo by Graham Stalney #eltpics

Dates & Tuition - Important Note

The course takes 10 weeks to complete - dates can be seen here

Tuition fees are 300 euros and should be paid in advance.

We accept payments via bank transfer and PayPal, a secure online payment system.

Please download the application form - and do subscribe to our mailing list by completing the form on the right hand column




For more information - points of contact

Email                   [email protected]          
 0030 210 3302406 - 0030 210 3301455 - 0030 6974065437  
                     0030 210 3301202 

Skype                  marisa.constantinides.celt
Messenger           marisa_rc (Yahoo) 
Google Talk          [email protected]
Postal address      77, Academias Street, Athens 106 78, Greece
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ALSO available

DELTA Module 3 Online/Blended Learning Course 
For those who wish to follow this specialism for the Cambridge DELTA Diploma Module 3

Course Tutor:
Nik Peachey

CELT is pleased and proud to announce that this new online course will be tutored by Nik Peachey, international expert on ICT/learning technologies, DELTA approved teacher trainer and writer.

Nik Peachey was the winner of an ELTons Award in 2012  for Excellence in Course Innovation in designing a Blended course programme. Nik is also the author of the OneStopEnglish series on Tools for Teachers and of Web 2.0 tools for Teachers 

Click here to read a recent exclusive interview with Nik. 

Nik Peachey, ELTons Awards Winner 
for Excellence in Course Innovation
in 2012

Nik Peachey's websites & Blogs

 Nik's Learning Techology Blog

 Quick Shout Technology Tips

 Daily English Activities

 Blogging and Social Media

 Technology News Portal

Follow Nik Peachey on Twitter


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