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Seminar & Workshop Checklist

? Would you like to attend just a one or two day workshop?


? Would you like us to run a workshop or mini-course for your teachers?


? Are you already trained up and looking for ideas in a specific area of teaching?


The following list includes a wide range of topics to choose from. Find and tick workshop & seminar topics which you would like to attend at CELT or you would like us to organize for you at your school and send us the form. We will get in touch with you to inform you of the dates when individual sessions are offered or to design a tailor-made programme for you and your staff. You can also suggest your own topics should you find that you need help in an area not included below.

We will email you back information on fees if you are an individual teacher, or hourly rates if looking for in-house teacher training.


Teaching Listening

Teaching Reading
Teaching Pronunciation, Stress & Intonation 
Using Class Readers
Classroom Management
Teaching Writing
Integrating the Four Skills
Teaching & Learning Vocabulary
Teaching Mixed Ability Classes

Literary Texts in the EFL Classroom 
Using & Adapting your Coursebook 

Testing & Evaluation
Exam Preparation classes - FCE. CPE, etc.

Creative Teaching, Creative Learning

Teaching English to Young Learners 
Humanistic Techniques- Suggestopaedia, Counseling Learning 
Grammar Awareness Workshops for Teachers 
Teaching English through Drama First Days of Class
Using songs, rhymes & Jazz Chants
Training Learners to Learn English 

Teaching Adult Learners

Teaching Professional & Academic English

Introduction to Discourse Analysis

Course & Syllabus Design 
Approaches to Teaching TEFL 
Organizing Project Work
Psychology of Language Learning 
Authentic Materials - Selection and Task Design
Creative Grammar Practice
Organizing a Self-Access centre in your school

Advanced Writing Skills

Language Games for all levels 

Remedial Teaching

Planning Grammar Lessons 
Planning Skills Lessons
Making & Using Visual Aids
Using Grammar Books in the Classroom 
Developing Learner Autonomy   
Organizing Materials & School Resources
Homework - What, Ηοw & Why

Textbook Evaluation & Selection

Teaching One-to-One Lessons

Teaching with Technology

Teaching One-to-One Lessons


* = Suggest your own topics for a workshop


Personal Information



WARNING: If trying to submit this form from Hotmail or other free e-mail client this checklist may not "send" properly. In that case, pls. click here to download the same list in Word format, complete and send in as an attachment



Centre for English Language & Training, 77 Academias Street, 106 78 Athens, Greece

Tel +30 210 3302406 | +30 210 3301455 | Fax +30 210 3301202|  E-mail: 



'No teacher should be allowed to teach without having attended methodology courses. All my teachers have attended courses at CELT Athens as well as a tailor made seminar programme which was specially designed for my staff. Lessons have stopped being routine at my school.

Mrs.Maria Papavarsami,
Teacher & FL School Owner, Ilissia, Athens 

       > * <

'I attended courses at CELT Athens myself first (the Introductory Methods Course and later the RSA Diploma) and then all my teachers followed. CELT Athens also ran an extensive teacher development programme at our school. The quality of teaching is now very high AND numbers have increased, too!'

Mrs.Elpida Papadantonaki,Teacher & FL School Owner, Perama, Athens


Seminar/Webinar Checklist







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