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The course is 25 hours in length and covers the following areas:

bullet Theories of language and the different approaches to teaching
bullet Models of teaching grammar
bullet Task Based Learning
bullet Communicative Language Teaching
bullet Lesson Planning
bullet Materials design for the different stages

In addition, there will be special sessions on

bullet Teaching grammar to young learners
bullet Teaching Grammar to adults
bullet Teaching grammar to advanced learners
bullet Using Grammar books in class
bullet Teaching with your coursebook

Special features

bullet observations of videotaped lessons taught by experienced teachers trained at CELT Athens
bullet self access materials package for further study and reflection on issues taught on the course
bullet free library membership for two months

Attendance & Certification

The course is assessed. Participants must attend the course fully,  perform in one Teaching Practice and submit a lesson plan in order to obtain a certificate of attendance.

Links to Other Courses offered at CELT Athens
If you have not attended any other teacher training courses, then you may consider applying for the Cambridge CELTA - an international adult teaching  qualification with a Certificate awarded by Cambridge ESOL.

For dates & tuition fees please click on this link.



Web www.celt.edu.gr


Course Tutors

Marisa Constantinides,

Olha Madylus

Rosemary Aravanis













Would you like to talk to other CELTA trainees who have completed courses at CELT?
Many of them can be contacted through our Facebook page  Click on the image  above to visit  the page  or  post questions in the Discussion Forum.


Links to Other Courses offered at CELT Athens
The Cambridge CELTA course aims to provide participants with a solid foundation for effective teaching and further professional development and can be used as a preparation level course for the courses listed below:

Trainees who have attended this course DO NOT need to attend the preparation course for the ASEP examinations.
The Cambridge CELTA course is also excellent as preparation for those who wish to later follow more advanced level courses, such as the Cambridge DELTA Diploma or the Advanced Studies in ELT Courses.
Cambridge CELTA holders DO NOT need to attend any further preparation courses for the TKT unless they wish to revise some of the examination content- all our trainees who have sat for these examinations were fully capable of dealing with the examination and have received high grades.
For further development after completing this course, you may be interested in one of our short refresher/top up courses such as the one on Teaching English to Young Learners, Teaching Exam Classes. Please check the  CELT Athens  course chart to view a full list of these short 20-30 hour courses.


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