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Teaching English to Young Learners - now fully Online

This is a highly suitable course for those teachers who have already completed their basic training and wish to specialize in teaching young learners between the ages of 5-11. The course also accepts teachers without prior training who would like to to use this course as a short introduction to TEYL.

What you will learn on this course:

The  programme covers all the basic areas of methodology with a sharp focus on the young learner. Teachers will learn a variety of techniques for the following areas:

How to introduce and practise new vocabulary

How to teach young learners patterns of language

How to use stories, dialogues and games to improve their language skills

How to introduce children to reading and writing

How to develop your pupils' oral skills

How to plan effective and motivating lessons

How to use theatre & drama to animate your coursebook

How to use class readers and big books

How to organise arts and crafts work and projects for display

How to manage young classes and maintain good discipline

How to use audio visual aids effectively in your teaching

How to integrate educational technology in your lessons & issues of e-safety

Video of Marisa Constantinides using a Jazz Chant with a class of children in their first year of English

You will also have the opportunity to observe young classes on videos such as the one above, analyse the lessons and learn to improve your own teaching skills.

As a course participant, you will also have the opportunity to choose additional topics from a list which will, in part, create a course that will fit your needs.

Assessment & Certification 

Trainees are assessed through a Practical Teaching Assignment. This involves writing a lesson plan for a young class or a theme-based materials design project.

Trainees who attend the course fully and complete their assignment receive a Certificate of Attainment.

To Register 
Please complete and return the application form by clicking here.

Tuition Fees
Tuition for the 10 week course is 300 euros.

For more information please email info@celt.edu.gr



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 DELTA candidates who have opted for the YL specialism in their Module 3 work and can attend this course, are entitled to follow this course without paying extra tuition fees



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