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Our list of online courses is getting longer and more impressive every year. We thought it would be a good idea to put them all on one page for you so you could review your options and choose a course that fits your needs, your experience and your work and life plans. 

Are you Ready for Online Learning? 

Online learning is here to stay and is beginning to replace hundreds of thousands of contact hours of instruction.  If you would like to learn more, participate in our research and read some useful blog posts, scroll down to the bottom of the page and follow the links.


Grammar for Teachers Online Courses

  • Are you thinking of following a CELTA or a DELTA course and are not certain about your knowledge of the Grammar of English?
  • Are you able to spot mistakes in other people’s speech or writing but are unable to explain why something is wrong or what the rule is?

This may be the right course for you whether you are a native or a non-native speaker of English.

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English for Teachers Online Courses 

This is an advanced course intended for prospective or practising Teachers of English who wish to develop and enhance their language knowledge and skills to the high level required of competent TEFL ELT professionals.

It’s a great course for non-native speaking teachers who want to raise their level of English in order to follow internationally recognised programmes such as the Cambridge CELTA and/or Delta but whose language proficiency level has been found somewhat lower than the entry level requirements.

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Short Specialism Online Courses

These short courses are offered online via Moodle and can be taken as standalone courses or as part of the Cambridge Delta Diploma, leading to research and an assignment which may include the design of a Syllabus (Extending Practice and ELT Specialism ) or a proposal for an innovation in ELT Management (ELTM Specialism).

Teaching young learners (YL)

This is a course highly suited to teachers who have already completed their basic training and wish to specialise in teaching young learners.

The course also accepts teachers without prior training who would like to to use this course as a short introduction to the methods and techniques of Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

N.B. Delta candidates who need a course for the YL specialism should scroll down to the end of the page for additional information

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English Language Teaching Management (ELTM)


Management Skills are indispensable in language teaching and learning and the effectiveness of these skills directly impacts the quality of language education, the soundness of your language programme and the satisfaction level of both students and faculty in the language classroom.

Course Organisation

moodleThe course is delivered via  Moodle, an asynchronous LMS (Learning Management System), which means that you will be able to log in  and complete your coursework whenever you can. There is no set timetable for this although it is expected that you will need to put in a total of of at least 50-60 hours of individual work to complete tasks set by your course leader and to write up your Module 3 extended assignment.

N.B. During the course, your course leader will invite you to a number of short live  meetings in our online webinar room to keep in touch and connect with other colleagues following the programme.


Teaching learners online, through distance/blended learning (DL)

Will face-to-face teaching be replaced by online teaching?


This may happen one day, and sooner than we think. Today, there are millions of learners worldwide who have opted for this mode of learning because of its convenience and immediacy.

Teachers who work online are becoming more and more common and much of our training and development has now started being offered online as well!!!

How you will benefit from this course

Teaching online involves a skillset which teachers need over and above their knowledge of language, analysis, skills development and pedagogical principles governing teaching a foreign language.

This course will prepare you to be a more skilled teacher and will help you acquire confidence and criteria for choosing and using the best applications and tools for your teaching.

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The Online CELTA – part time 

For new teachers or colleagues without a TEFL certificate –  A blended course completed part time online & in Athens

There is no other teaching certificate mentioned as much the Cambridge CELT now offered online as well, giving working teachers a chance to complete the coursework in a more flexible way. 

  • Are you a working professional who cannot take four weeks off work to follow a face-to-face CELTA course?
  • Are you unable to take more than two weeks off to do your CELTA teaching practicum?
  • Are you comfortable working with online resources?
  • Do you learn better when studying at your own pace?

If you answered ‘yes’ to all or most of the questions above, then the online CELTA course may be the best choice for you.

The CELTA Online is flexible and accessible: you can access the online materials at any time, giving you the flexibility to plan your CELTA work around your other professional and personal commitments.


The Cambridge Delta

For experienced teachers with a CELTA or equivalent TEFL certificate

  • Part time;  24 weeks online &  4 weeks in AthensWe offer two courses every year, one beginning in the fall, late October and one in the winter term.  This course option is ideal for working teachers who
    • cannot get away for the 8 weeks of the intensive course
    • prefer a part time course which allows them to work and study
    • are not overly fond of studying without any contact with tutors

    Our online live classroom is fully interactive with audio and video available for every single trainee, not just for the tutor, and training is in synchronous mode. In our live classroom, you can talk, chat and interact, do group work and collaborative activities just as if you were in our physical classroom at CELT in Athens!!!!

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Train the Trainer Course

Become a teacher trainer and pass on your expertise 

  • Are you an experienced teacher of English?
  • Have you already followed at least a CELTA
  • Have you obtained a Delta or done some post graduate work?
  • Do you have excellent classroom teaching skills?
  • Is your level of English at a sufficiently high level?

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Are you Ready for Online Learning? 

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